Commissioned Whale Wallet

A one of a kind commissioned wallet. Turned out very cute indeed! Hope they like it as much as I do.

Cheetah Bee

This little wallet is off to Berkeley somewhere. Unique silver Cheetah print paired with an brown vinyl, inset bee motif, made completely from upcycled vinyls.

Etsy Site for TrelaBela!!

Yay!! I finally got my stuff together and stopped dreaming about making an etsy site and just did it! I put up about 10 of my little 'Night out' wallets up for sale...I soon realized that my once large collection of wallets had actually diminished quite a bit...I need to make some more! So, please check out my etsy site TrelaBela and support a poor art student!!

Etsy is also a really great site for all kinds of handmade items be sure to take a look around!