Another Blue Snake Skin Pigeon Wallet

Another shot at a Blue snakeskin Pigeon Wallet. This one turned out much better, due to that great black vinyl. Hope the future owner will like it!

Copper Snake Skin Pigeon Wallet

This was a custom made order. Made from upcycled vinyl wall samples.

Cheetah and Aqua Silhouette Portrait Wallet

This is one of the first wallets I made. It is made from vinyl wall samples, can you imagine that shiny aqua covering your walls? Or cheetah print for that matter!

Plaid 1950's Girl Silhouette Wallet

Bunny-Fish Black Vinyl Wallet

I like science a lot, especially biology. I was playing around with mixing animals up. This came out darker then I wanted (think it is that red thread I used) I actually meant it to be funny. If you can't tell it is an anatomical study of a bunny mixed with a fish. I am happy how it came out technically though, it was pretty hard to get all those details. Again, that black vinyl is like butter.

Fancy Black Insect Vinyl Wallet

Just got this black vinyl and LOVE it!! It is much easier to work with then other vinyls I have used so far.

Plaid Dachshund and Blue Vinyl Wallet


Beige and Black Dachshund Wallet


Brown Vinyl with Cream Dachshund Wallet


Black and White Vinyl Dachshund Silhouette Wallet

Another cutesy Dachshund Wallet.

Plaid Dachshund Blue Vinyl Mini Wallet

I love Dachshunds and want to have one badly, but can't afford one so I sew them longingly.....