Cat Pillows!






 I went a little crazy and made a bunch! My favorites are the Cat Face and Triangle Print..or the Ikat Print..or the Navy Striped..Haha

More Cat Pouches in Bright Spring Colors


more experimenting with printing on canvas fabric



More experimenting with hand printed canvas. My favorite is the last image of the small square coin is lined in gray felt so could also be used to hold delicate things like jewelry. I have recently fallen in love with the black and white combo with tan leather but I think I will try bright colors next time...There is an artist I know whose work is very bright and is an image of her work. I think I will use her color use as inspiration for my next set of bags :D

Her name is Kristin Farr check her work out! It is amazzzzing!

handprinted cat pillows!



Experimented this week with some new materials, canvas and fabric paint! I guess I make things that I want..and I wanted a black and white cat shaped pillow :D I've always had this desire to make things..opposed to buying them..I think they came out really cute. I have one in my studio now on my orange vinyl chair.

Geometric Print and Leather Clutch

New clutch up in my shop. Made from a great geometric print fabric in gray and white with a reinforced bottom in soft tan leather.