Canvas Handprinted Zipper Bags

Handprinted Canvas zipper bags with metal zippers and brown vinyl details. A few are still available in my shop. I will be making more Pineapple Pouches soon. 

Renegade Craft Fair!

I participated in my first Renegade Craft Fair and had a blast! I met so many great people and talked about cats a lot :)

Bright Stella Geometric Pins

I just added these to my shop :) I've been making my own shrink plastic pins for a while, thought I would see if other people like them. The Stella name comes from the geometrically correct name for the star shape, stellated dodecahedron. The other pins are from Amish quilt designs.

Mini Cat Pillow Decoration

My larger Cat Pillow has been a bit popular in my shop, so I made a mini Cat pillow too!I'm thinking of making a family of cat pillows :) The bottom photo is the packaging I sent my first one off in.

Spring Zipper Pouches

A few new carry all accessory zipper pouches. Both in bright spring colors perfect for holding make up or small collections. I hand painted the striped bag. I wanted the colors to be very vibrant. Mr. Albers' always inspire me.These are both in my shop.

Black and White Double Sided Cat face Pillow

Just made this little guy yesterday. Up in my shop now.