Trelabela Featured in Culture Magazine

My Plaid Goat Wallet was featured in a cheese magazine called Culture!
Super cool and friendly people :D
Check out the link Culture

Russian Nesting Doll Babushka Wallet

Just added this cute wallet to my shop. I am starting to use 2 fabrics for my cut outs. I have a ship wallet coming soon with similar fabrics as used here. Stay tuned!

Etsy is so good to me

I usually miss when my wallets make it to the front page but late into the night I checked etsy and voila! There was my little shark wallet!! So awesome, etsy is too good to me; third front page feature this week!

New Narwhal Vinyl Wallet

Just added a new animal to my shop, a sweet Narwhal! What a cutie! I have a deep love for whales and these guys have such an interesting history due to that big incisor sticking out of their jaw. I can't believe it has taken me so long to put one on a wallet! I might make a few where the whale is bigger. I have started adding little change pouches to my wallets, which is very convenient, can't believe I am just now adding those too :)

First in Icon Series-Lady Gaga

Ever since I bought this white vinyl I have been thinking about popular icons. White, black and gold! Such iconic colors. The idea has been swimming around for a while now and today I finally tried one. So #1 of Black, white and Gold Icon Series is Lady Gaga!

Custom Orders

I have been super busy with custom orders as of late. Here are a few I recently made.

Custom Bird Billfold Wallet with the addition of a zipper inside.

Custom Sea Turtle Wallet

Custom Orca Billfold Wallet

Custom Sloth Wallet
This one turned out really awesome, might have to start making them for my shop.

Custom Multi Colored Pig Wallet
This customer wanted a wallet that depicted his race car as two little pigs.