Contemplating...a craft fair

So, I am finishing up with school in May (BFA in Illustration) and I plan to focus a bit more on Trelabela. Adding Ipod covers, laptop covers, tote bags, all with my designs on them. I also am contemplating taking part in the Renegade craft fair this year in San Francisco! But am quite petrified of this. Anyone have any experience with this? If you haven't been before I highly recommend it! So many talented people, all together under one roof. I went over the holiday season and it was lovely. It is happening July 31st-August 1st this year. Check out the link:

New Wallets-Forrest Creatures

Yellow Checkered Fox with Blue Vinyl and green cowgirl snap. These snaps are great, I get them from a very nice lady via etsy (of course!) she has every color under the sun! Check out her shop

Love these crazy, wild colors! I just had to pair it with an aqua thread.

Perfect time for Easter! Already sold two of these guys and have a bit more fabric if anyone wants me to make them one.

New Wallets-Forest Creatures

Am I totally crazy for loving this fabric? I think it is so awesome, love the colors and the weave print. Looks like he is wearing a little headband :)

Here is another shot with that crazy fabric. Love it or leave it I suppose.

Green Stag Wallet, sold one and have one more left in my shop.

I love this fabric design, I have it in lavender, peach and pink, can't wait to try them out.

I have been obsessed with this gold foil fabric. So awesome. I lined the inside of the wallet so when you open you are blinded by the bright gold reflection :)

New Wallets-Forest Creatures

Plaid Koala Wallet. Another first. Koala's are so cute I am not sure why I haven't made a wallet with one before. I am thinking of doing continent series. Next would be a Kangaroo....Tasmanian devil...ect.

A sweet fox wallet inspired to make one after seeing The Fantastic Mr. Fox, already sold!

A new favorite! I really like this fabric, it seemed appropriate for his shell.

Aqua Floral Panda Billfold Wallet. This is the last I have of this awesome fabric. It is still available in my shop :)

Brown Checkered Beaver Billfold Wallet

New Wallets- Swamp Creatures

Alligator Checkbook Wallet

Alligator Billfold Wallet.

My first Platypus wallet! Inspired by my buddy Paul.