My Latest and Last Batch for a while

Well, good things can't last forever right? This will be my last batch of wallets for a while. School just started and I already have homework. My last year so really have to work hard. It was fun while it lasted. Just finished this batch over the weekend for a boutique called Given in the Castro district of San Francisco. They sold out of my last batch so hope these guys do just as well! :)

My favorite Wallet to date! Plaid Panda Wallet

Blue and Brown Plaid Fox Wallet

Red Plaid Squirrel Wallet

Wood Bird

Sewn Quail Wallet

Teal Bug Wallet

Plaid Deer with Antlers

Blue Plaid Bicycle Wallet

Green Plaid Bull

Red Wood Rooster

Retro Cockroach Wallet

Blue Wood Bunny

Blue Plaid Rabbit Wallet

Green Crow Wallet

Rainbow Bike Wallet

Red Plaid Charging Bull

Plaid Rino

Blue and Plaid Squirrel Wallet

Aqua and Green Whale Wallet

Black vinyl with Crazy Fabric Bicycle Wallet

Maroon Plaid Bear

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